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Teen Life Is a site just for teens who want to know about their favorite stars, movies, music, and gossip.

~~~~Movies for the Groovies!~~~~


 Chronicles of Riddick, Stepford Wives, A Cinderella Story, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban! Whoa! Such great movies in so little time. Check these movies out on the movies page!


This weeks topic is summer fashions!

Been loathing all those jeans and jackets. Well get into gear with new summer fashions! Don't forget your sunscreen!  

This new artist isn't playin'! She's ready to take control and stay there!

Her names JoJo(a.k.a Joanna Levesque). She's been singing since she was crawling and has a voice that can boom higher than an elephants trunk! Go to the music section and check this girl out!

More information on JoJo!

The Stepford Wives

This movie is sure to become a timeless classic! Be sure to check it out on the movies page!